Mississippi River Flood Litigation

In 2019, the Mississippi River was subjected to unusually huge volumes of water flowing downstream.  As a result, the River had water from the west levee to the east levee, flooding all of the land, including all improvements, woods and batture, between the levees.  Crops were destroyed and other economic activities, e.g., mineral production were interdicted.  The firm represents landowners and lessees with business interests located within the levee system for their losses. The litigation is pending before the United States Court of Federal Claims against the United States Corps of Engineers.  The firm represents claimants in Louisiana and Mississippi for the damages they sustained.  Plaintiffs allege that the flooding was caused by the buildup of silt on the riverbed because of the existence of the Morganza Control Structure.  The U.S. Corps of Engineers is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the depth of the River by dredging.