Atlas Chalet Roofing Shingles Lawsuit

The lawyers of PBC are currently pursuing legal action on behalf of consumers who bought Chalet roofing shingles, manufactured by Atlas Roofing Corporation. The lawsuit says that the company specifically marketed its Chalet shingles as a high-quality, reliable, and affordable roofing product, but reports show that the shingles prematurely blister and crack. If you are a consumer who purchased Atlas Chalet shingles and have been left with an unexpected roofing bill, contact our team of experienced lawyers at (888) 725-2477 for a confidential and free evaluation of your case.

About Atlas Chalet Defective Roofing Shingles

Reports show that Atlas Chalet shingles were designed and manufactured defectively. Moisture commonly invades the shingles which creates gas bubbles that leads to blistering and cracking. From there, the blistering and cracking creates premature granule loss, increased absorption of moisture, and ultimately the shingles need to be completely replaced much sooner than anticipated and at a large and unexpected cost to the consumer. On top of needing total roof replacement, the defects have often also caused water damage to the interior of consumers’ homes.

Chalet shingles have already been discontinued, but in spite of the company’s guarantee of a 30-year warranty that promised shingles would be repaired or replaced, many consumers who attempted to contact the company were unable to activate their warranty. As a result, customers who paid for a long-lasting, quality roofing product are left having to purchase another new roof not long after having new shingles installed.

Allegations Against Atlas Roofing Corporation

In addition to the defective shingles claim, allegations against Atlas include:

  • Atlas continued to sell Chalet singles even when it knew about the defect
  • Atlas failed to provide notice of the defects to consumers even after receiving numerous complaints
  • Atlas provided inadequate responses to warranty claims and other requests from consumers who were in need of assistance
  • Chalet shingles did not conform to industry standards and building codes
  • Representatives from Atlas fraudulently misrepresented the damage they saw and said it was not from the defective shingles

If you have experienced or are experiencing issues with your Atlas Chalet shingles, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our experienced team today at (888) 725-2477 for a free case evaluation and to learn more.