Environmental Contamination

Pendley, Baudin & Coffin has represented thousands of clients in personal injury, property damage and economic loss cases resulting from toxic exposure and environmental contamination.  Led by the firm's principal partner, Patrick Pendley, the attorneys at Pendley, Baudin & Coffin have been collectively litigating toxic exposure and environmental contamination cases for over twenty-five years.  The firm has successfully handled litigation against some of the largest national and international oil, gas and chemical companies in the world and has served in a leadership role in multiple mass tort and class action cases in this field.  Our lawyers posses the knowledge and experience to prosecute complex oil, gas and chemical contamination cases involving significant damages to people, property and wildlife.

Pat Pendley
Beginning in 1981 with his first environmental class action, Patrick Pendley has led PBC's Environmental Contamination litigation practice for over 35 years.

If you or a loved one has suffered damage to your person or property as a result of toxic exposure or environmental contamination, contact one of our attorneys at 1-888-725-2477.